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Pure Cocaine online ,Cocaine is a powerfully addictive stimulant drug. Before the development of synthetic local anesthetic, surgeons used cocaine to block pain. Cocaine, also known simply as crack or rock, is a free base form of cocaine that can be smoked.  cocaine offers a short but intense high to smokers. The Manual of Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment calls it the most addictive form of cocaine

Who Uses Cocaine?

pure cocaine was developed as a cheaper alternative to cocaine, making it more easily affordable to users. As a less expensive alternative, it became more accessible to those in the lower socioeconomic demographic. These people had less disposable income available to spend on drugs, but they were seeking options to get high. This brought crack use to low-income and minority communities.

How Is It Abused- Pure cocaine?

Cocaine is solid, so it is typically smoked or freebased, a process in which the drug is liquefied, and the vapor is inhaled as it melts.

By changing cocaine into crack cocaine, the drug can be melted at a lower temperature. Inhaling vapor or smoke from crack cocaine allows the person to absorb cocaine more rapidly into the bloodstream through the lungs. This process causes a faster high than snorting cocaine. Powdered cocaine will typically not burn or melt at lower temperatures.

Effects and Risks of  Pure Cocaine Use

The effects of cocaine can be variable due to the uncertainty of the purity of the cocaine used to manufacture it. This only adds to the seriousness and unpredictability of smoking crack. The effects of   cocaine use  They include:

  • Euphoria
  • Heightened alertness
  • Dilated pupils
  • Decreased appetite
  • Increased heart rate
  • Intense cravings

Smoking  cocaine causes these effects to take hold slowly and intensely  because  cocaine is absorbed through the membranes of the lungs, entering the bloodstream and the brain within 10-15 seconds. As such, the risk of overdosing is extremely high, leading to convulsions, coma, and death.

Long-term effects of  cocaine use include mood changes, irritability, restlessness, depression, anxiety, paranoia, and hallucinations.

It is easy to develop a  cocaine abuse problem because the drug in both forms is highly addictive. As such, issues with withdrawal often arise. Symptoms of withdrawal include:

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