Methoxetamine / MXE

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Methoxetamine (MXE)

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Methoxetamine / MXE

MXE is a white powder, but the packets that it comes in can have different colors

Product Name: MXE

CAS number:CAS:1239943-76-0
Appearance: Powder white/ crystal
Production Capacity:200Kilogram/month
Purity: Above99.5%
Colors available: White

Shape: crystal

Compound purity: 99.7%

Production Capacity: 300 Kilogram/Month

MXE, but we do know that you can become dependent on ketamine. Because they are chemically related, it’s reasonable to assume that you may be able to become dependent on MXE.

Attention! All the products we sell are not suitable for human consumption. They are intended only for laboratory purposes. We recommend that you follow all safety standards when interacting with them. Incorrect use can lead to damage to life and health.


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