4-CMC Crystal White Powder

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4-CMC Crystal White Powder

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4-CMC – „clephedrone”, crystal for laboratory use only, buy now on Hi-healthline.

4-CMC – basic chemical information

4-CMC Crystal White Powder

This quite popular substance is also called „clephedrone”. A CAS number of 4-CMC is 842212-02-1. The formula is C10H12ClNO,, while IUPAC notation looks like – 1-(4-Chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)propan-1-one. Molar mass of 4-CMC is 197,66 g/mol.

Synonyms of 4-CMC

The synonyms of 4-CMC are – Clephedrone, 4CMC crystal, 4CMC.

Buy 4-CMC now!

You can buy 4-CMC in our Uncle Tony Chemicals store right now! Our product is perfect – its purity is 99.6%. We create our brand for many years, we are accompanied by passion and trust of our clients. We have always been a company that focuses on quality, first and foremost quality of production. Our 4-CMC comes straight from Europe, from the Netherlands. Despite the care for everyone, even the smallest detail, we are able to produce up to 300 kilograms of 4-CMC per month.

 Attention! All the products we sell are not suitable for human consumption. They are intended only for laboratory purposes. We recommend that you follow all safety standards when interacting with them. Incorrect use can lead to damage to life and health.

4-CMC Crystal White Powder

4-CMC Crystal (10g) $250,

4-CMC Crystal (20g) $250,

4-CMC Crystal (50g) $450,

4-CMC Crystal (100g) $650,

4-CMC Crystal (500g) $1350,

4-CMC Crystal (kg) $2700


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